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Mind Maps Work

Why I Use Mind Maps

And You Should Too!

I mentioned in my previous post that you ought to use tools that help you stay on plan. I use mind mapping to help me get more done and stay on my plans. It is amazing how getting this done correlates with business improvement. Well, duh!

I created the above image as a sample to show you how I use mind mapping. That mind map was created in about 2 minutes using IMind Map. It’s a terrific tool to quickly get thoughts into a format I can follow. It’s as easy as click and type. If the tool is so complex you have to put your attention on how it’s used, your attention will slide off of what you are thinking about. IMind Map facilitates planning; it doesn’t distract from it!

When I start a new client project, I create a map to gather the information I need and then I build out the map with my plan to accomplish the goals set by the client. I have mind maps to help me plan and maintain my websites and keep me on task as I go through my week.

I highly recommend a tool like this. IMind Map has a terrific presentation mode too! That’s great for presenting key ideas and showing step-by-step plans to clients.

This stuff works. If you spent $200 and it produced a ten fold return, you wouldn’t mind the expense, right? I get at least that back. And IMind Map isn’t a subscription. Buy it once, own it.

Sure, there are other mondmapping tools available and you may find one you like better. The main thing is to get started and stick with it.

You can learn more about IMind Map at

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I use mind mapping because it works. If you want to learn more about how to get started with mind maps, contact me. I’m happy to help you get started.