Rant #1 Team Building Does Not Work

I think we need to teach “teams” to get out of the way of talented individuals. Numerous examples. Take the BP spill. They don’t need a team or a village, they need people with talent to solve the problem, then they need people with leadership ability to to tell the rest of them what to do. There’s a team working on this now. How’s it going so far?

Group think is watering down education and work product. Smart kids have to slow down so the dummies can keep up. Smart people can’t get merit raises or bonuses because it’s unfair treatment of the dumb and lazy.

Harsh? Yup. But it’s a reality.

If we foster talent the others will rise as well. Lowering the ceiling does not make anyone taller.

Rant #2  People Do Not Change

A poor team member today will be a poor team member tomorrow regardless of how many group games you make them play with their co-workers.  People don’t change.

Sure, have fun for a day or two and things will be better for a day or two.

Then it’s business as usual.

Yes, of course, given the right circumstances, people can change. But management seminars on cooperation or group problem solving are not life changing events.

People change the most, for the better, when they come through the worst. I doubt your business is going to threaten life and limb so face reality.

You are far, far better off fostering individuality and creating an environment where smart people can think and produce without constantly being hampered by those who cannot.

Chris Reich