You have heard that no two snowflakes are exactly alike. It’s true.

In fact, no two of anything are exactly alike. No two cars, made in the same factory by the same people under the tightest quality standards are exactly alike. Cars are complicated. What about, say, spoons?!

No two spoons are exactly alike. No two pennies. No two rocks. There are far too many variables.

You can find pretty good copies but close examination will always reveal differences between any two seemingly same objects.

Now here’s the interesting thing.

When you get down to the atomic level, down to to electrons, protons and neutrons, even further down to quarks, neutrinos and photons, particles of the same type are all exactly the same. All electrons are totally identical. All photons of the same type are exactly identical.

So, while everything is made of exactly identical parts, the final product is never exactly the same.

I cannot copy the work of Tom Peters or Seth Godin and be as successful as they are. I might get a taste of success but I cannot become either of those talented people. I am me.

And you are you, that wonderful you. You cannot start another Wal-Mart or Apple or Facebook and become rich beyond your dreams. But you, you, you can create something better if you stop trying to copy them. You can make something great by being you.

Chris Reich, TeachU
FW: 85 (And I have new insights)