We get up in the morning and go to work. We work at ABC. Don’t interrupt me, I’m working. We need to get more work done.

What exactly is all this talk about work? How much of what is done at “work” actually contributes to what the business really wants, profit?

What is the meaning of ‘work’?

Are we there to work or to make profit?

Lifting a rock from the ground to a table is defined in physics as work.

I think the physics definition is being used too often in business. Too much time and resource is being devoted to lifting rocks.

The question before us shouldn’t be, “how much work is being done?”  The question ought to be, “how much of what is being done actually contributes to why this business exists?”

A refocus of work, even in a business of one person, on those tasks that add income will produce results without doing more ‘work’.

Chris Reich, TeachU.com
FW: 105