Work Life Balance
There’s a lot of talk about the importance of balancing work time with personal time. That may be a huge problem at your company as it is at many. If you care, you can make the effort to help your employees have better work-life balance at least through the rest of this year.
December is a month of celebrations, parties and kids. Your people have a lot of extra ‘pull’ on them to attend various functions. The kids are in plays. The relatives are having a party. Friends get together for a drink. People have football parties. This is a time of year when your people need time away from work.
If you cannot make work-life balance permanently better, you can make the effort to make things better for a while. Sure, there are a lot of year-end projects but they’ll get done if everyone pulls together.
How to do it?
If you let people know the goal is to give them more time off during this season, they will pull together to make that happen. Too often we ask for “110%” but fail to let everyone know that extra 10% will be returned in recognition for a job well done.
Don’t add stress to people during this time of year. Help them spend time with friends and family. They deserve it, don’t they?
Chris Reich, CEO