We all want more. That is the nature of business. Some need more to survive. Some just want more.

Growing a business is a process. It’s not a magic step you take which suddenly leads to huge success. In fact, the harder you try to rush growth, the more frustrated you will become. The businesses in the most danger are the ones scrambling with marketing budgets trying to find the “quick growth” answer.

There is luck involved. Sometimes we just get lucky. Mostly, growing a business takes time. It’s a process, not a brilliant event.

If your business is stagnant, and you try to speed up growth by spending money on advertising, failure will result.

When you get your message right, the business follows. No amount of advertising will increase sales if the business is projecting a confusing message.

Understand this and you’ll be okay. Ignore this and you’ll not see the end of 2014 with the doors still open.

Chris Reich, TeachU