TeachU Developed the 3Es Business System 
I list three core building blocks on my website that I believe can solve any business problem. A lot of study and experienced based research has led me to build an entire approach to business around those three pillar. They are:
The decline of ethics has is at the heart of the squeeze being placed on the middle class in America. The decline of ethics gave us the financial meltdown of 2008. The decline of ethics has given us mega mergers leading to less choice and worsening service. The decline of ethics has destroyed the work life balance for many workers. The decline of ethics has taken many companies to bankruptcy. This is pretty easy to fix if there is a will to change the culture of a business. As conduct within a business becomes more ethical, things begin to improve. Amazing. It works. It is also almost impossible to get a business to adopt the resolve to be more ethical. Why?
Some problems can be fixed with a little training. Some employees can be motivated by providing a little education. Education can do amazing things, just like ethics. A small investment in education will produce huge returns. No, you needn’t foot the bill for a Harvard MBA program. Something as basic as a guest speaker who can stimulate thinking can be enough to produce measurable improvement. There are great video courses available on DVD. Buy a few and make them available to employees. I have trained many people out of bad habits. It can be done. Like ethics, there is resistance to providing education. See a pattern here?
Excellence today is little more than an obscure word in a mission statement that no one can recite. Yes, every business is excellent. Really? They probably spout that off where you make your daily bread. But do you see excellence in everything your company does? Do you see excellence in the way people are treated? I know of companies that make excellent products and treat their employees badly. Is a company that produces a good product but treats employees like children who are to be seen working but not heard from, excellent? I don’t think so.
I try to not only do things right, but also to do the right thing. I am always learning. I often fall short but I try to do everything excellently. Those three pillars have paid off for me and every client who has let me bring them to their business.
And then there are those who resist. Too bad.
If your business offers a product or service that people want and if you strive to build upon the 3Es of business I list here, your business will succeed.
Chris Reich, Business Adviser