I was busy writing a rant when I was pleasantly interrupted by a complete stranger—who happened to be of like mind. That was so refreshing I put my rant on hold to say this:

It’s not too late to get this country back on track. We can do it.

The government can’t create jobs unless they hire more government workers. And they won’t take responsibility for the mess they’ve made.

Your bank isn’t your friend. They won’t take responsibility for the banking disaster they created.

The education system is broken and they won’t take responsibility for their failure.

Parents have abdicated their responsibilities too—can’t blame everything on the education system. But parents rarely accept responsibility for their failure to be parents.

Business wants your money and could not care less about your job. Corporations won’t take responsibility for exporting our industrial base.

I want to see things get better in this country before it’s too late. I’ll work for your business to make it better, more profitable, ethically. If what I do works, you can have the credit. If I fail, I will take the blame.

It’s time to stop pointing fingers. Let’s get to work before it’s too late.

I’m standing by.

Chris Reich