I’ll go on record— now. Things are going to get better soon. By June ’09 we’ll see the bottom of this mess and an upturn will will begin.

Ignore the economists, pundits and other assorted ‘experts’ and you’ll actually speed up the process.

Why do I predict better times within 90 days?

1. The weather will improve. People will come out of their caves and away from their televisions. Attitude will improve. Construction will begin.

2. There is pent-up demand. We live in a consumer driven society. People will hold off spending for a while—as they are now. But that discipline will begin to break down soon and the consumer will resume….consuming.

3. The third reason I see conditions improving by June is that economists, pundits and assorted ‘experts’ don’t.

Will your business be ready or be deep in the bunker of cost-cutting?

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]