Yes! It’s possible to stop the biggest distraction of your entire day.
How would you like to:
  1. Get more work done
  2. Make fewer errors
  3. Work with less stress
  4. Have fewer interruptions
  5. Keep your mind in better focus on a work task
All are possible and easy to achieve. As a matter of fact, so easy and obvious that when I finally spill it you’ll agree with everything I’ve said. The problem with easy, obvious, common sense tips is that we quickly forget them.
Why? Because we don’t get that “aha!” moment that makes us want to write down the great revelation so it’s not forgotten. Most of you reading this will forget this tip and never get the benefits.
Here’s the tip. When you want to work on something requiring your full attention, turn off Outlook or Groupwise or IM or any other computer communication “tool” that will pop-up, ding, tone, or flash at you every time a message arrives. The worst has to be Outlook’s fading preview— Chris, I need to talk to you soon abou….  I Just HAVE to look! And it’s usually …soon about getting together for lunch…
You have no idea what a productivity drain email is until you shut it down while you concentrate on the task at hand. All those important messages will still arrive—as soon as you turn it back on.
You’re thinking, “that’s not much of a tip.”  Try it. Two things will surprise you. One, it’s hard to do. We’ve become a bit addicted.  Two, having the email program shut off for specific periods of time does reduce stress and improve concentration!
Shameless Promotion: I have other tips to help with focus. We’ve become so communication oriented that business communication is seriously breaking down. Today business needs a new balance in communication. I can help improve your business communication balance.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog