With Halloween on the way, I recommend avoiding Cadbury candy products. Furthermore, if the country of origin is specified on a food label, avoid all food products from China.

This story hit the wires today:

Cadbury says Chinese-made Chocolate Have Melamine

“A Cadbury spokesman says preliminary results show its Chinese-made chocolates contain the industrial chemical melamine.

The spokesman said Monday it was too early to say how much melamine the chocolates contained.

He declined to give his name because of company policy.

Cadbury said earlier the tests “cast doubt” on the safety of its Chinese-made products but didn’t elaborate.” (Copyright © 2008 The Associated Press)

Greed, coupled with the decline in business ethics is killing people. I’m for a free market but I also know that if business goes unregulated, greed knows no bounds. If Cadbury now steps forward to recall product, it will be because they were caught. Most companies want to do the “right thing” after they’re caught killing people. After all, that can help with the settlement costs.

The U.S. is facing possible economic collapse. Is it necessary to buy chocolate made in China? Do the Chinese produce a superior or merely cheaper product?

China has a very poor record with food safety. Stop buying food products from China. Support U.S. companies. And if you operate a domestic food producing operation, adopt an ethics policy. Tell your customers about your commitment to food safety.

We are on the verge of a major change in consumer thinking. Money is tighter. Your consumers want to buy from environmentally friendly businesses. They want to buy from ethical businesses. The smart businesses are moving in those directions already.

Look out for your customer. Buyers are seeking companies perceived as caring about their needs and safety.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]