Quick question. Where are you most likely to get a good sandwich, a deli or a gas station?

Next question. Where are you most likely to get a really bad sandwich, a deli or a gas station?

Are you going to find the best furniture in a store that also sells shirts and lawn mowers?

Get the idea?

If I tell you I’m an expert writer, an expert consultant, an expert musician and an expert painter. Furthermore, I’m also an expert auto mechanic and an expert chemist. I’m great at all of these things so I charge $200/hr. for any of the above services you might choose.

That might be a bit high for a painter, but I am an expert after all.

But do you believe it?

If your smallish size business is touting greatness at too many things, you are creating a credibility gap. If you claim to be really good at one thing, I’ll believe you.

Notice that I said ‘really good’. I didn’t say ‘world’s best’. If I claim to be the world’s best business consultant, would you believe me? You shouldn’t. I’m not. I pretty good though!

Focus on one thing and do it well. Deliver quality and you will probably succeed.

Try to do too much, stretch too thin, and you won’t do anything really well. Consequently, you will likely fail.

Last question. Which restaurant serves the best Chinese food? Ming’s Chinese and American Food or Wang’s house of Szechuan?

If you can see the difference, don’t you think your customers can too?

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]