The election is over and the results are in. There were two important themes for business at play in this election. One side wanted to fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Because we never give up, fight on. The other side pushed for change. Change won.

We’ve been fighting. We’ve not given up. I haven’t, have you? But I’m tired. I’m tired of fighting and not giving up. I want to change things, build things, grow things. I’m tired of fighting for survival. I want change. Let’s do things differently.

When election times come, people always talk of change.  Sadly, people fear change as much as they want change.

This time was different and it’s very important for businesses to take note. People really do want change this time. We’re in bad shape and people know it. We’ve got to change.

Things can get better starting today if your business is ready to change. Now is not the time to let fear rule your business.  Now’s the time to rebuild. Now’s the time to change the way things are done. People are looking for, and want, change. Give it to them.

Start with what your customers and prospects can see. If you have a store, move things around. Clean up the place. Get rid of anything old or out-of-date. Throw out faded display posters. By the end of this week, your store could look like a brand-new business. People will notice.

If your business is non-retail, this the week to change or update your website. This the week to offer something new and special. Let the world know you are rebuilding for growth. Project confidence. Email your customer base with a new idea. Start building a permission based marketing plan. Don’t wait.

Let this guide your decisions for the next two weeks: If your customers or prospects can see it, improve it.

People voted for change. They are encouraged. Don’t wait for signs of “recovery”, start changing now and notice how well people respond to to your business. Build.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]