This is a picture of Baghdad taken 10-18-08. The sea of protesters wants the U.S. out of their country.

McCain and Palin want us to spend more of our blood and treasure to “win” the war Bush said we already won—5 years ago. Look at the crowd. Did the surge work? Are we “winning”?

There is a time to cut your losses and change plans. Continuing a fruitless strategy is just plain stupid. It’s also irresponsible.

Many businesses will follow a losing plan all the way to complete failure. Why?

Changing strategy isn’t quitting. If we can’t learn that lesson, we’ll be doomed to repeat failures. Continuing to repeat failure consumes resources and leads to total collapse. Pride does indeed precede the fall.

If your business is fighting a losing battle, change plans. YOU have the capability to change the very rules of engagement in your industry. Why aren’t you?

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]